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A Glimpse Into Some Of The Known Celebrity Sex Addicts

One of the things that adult global citizens respect is sex and many people would love to have as much sex as possible. However it is important to note that a good thing can also be destructive in nature is someone becomes overly obsessive with it. One of the things that you as a reader will actually gather this site is more information about celebrity sex addiction and thus keep read more as we progress with the article or read more here. David Duchovny will forever remain a favorite actor to many view here! to learn more about him. The aforesaid actor’s life has however been painted with sex addiction and to get more of that story proceed to click on the previous link.

One thing about Billy Bob Thornton is that his sex addiction has seen him marry up to a record time of six times and even though he nothing can ever stop him from his sex addiction since even when he was once sent to a therapist by his then wife Angelina Jolie, he still went ahead and slept with his therapist, funnies t story in history. Another celebrity on this line is Charlie Sheen one man we can basically refer to as Sheen the unstoppable since even after suffering a stroke in 1998 which was a result of a cocaine overdose and subsequently being diagnosed with HIV in the year 2011 this man is still set in his sex addiction.

Son of Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas has also not been left behind in the sex addiction menace and this has seen him lose some relationships including the one he had with his first wife. Amber Smith was once a famous model who right now can just be used in the past tense since her career never kicked off again after she got into sex addiction and she even admits to having resolved to prostitution so as to feed her habits. One would think that sex addiction is for the young and wild until they meet Jack Nicholson a reknown writer and they will for sure change the narrative. Another celebrity that we cannot leave behind is Britney Spears a woman who has over the years been referred to as a sex symbol but while some would assume that to be a marketing theme, truth is she has been associated with having a sex addiction since she equally enjoys orgies.

Another celebrity that hit the air waves sometime back was Tiger Woods and the drama about his sex addiction was way above the expected, click here to discover more.

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