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Some of the Things You Should Learn About Sexual Abuse

You should all the ware that you are an expiation and that you are special in all you do. Even though that is it you should note that some of us experience sexual abuse while growing. There are a lot of people with no clue of what sexual abuse is and so do not know if it has ever happened to them. The following article is going to outline few things about sexual abuse. To begin with you should know that you are more on the risk of getting sexually abused by someone you know more than a stranger. Research shows that thus who are close to you and do not want the good for you are the ones who are most likely to abuse you. It is therefore advised that you need to be very careful with the ones you spend most of your times with to make sure they do not take any advantage of you.

The second thing that you should know is that women of colour are at high risk of getting abused. Research has shown that in a year the number of women who get abused is the ones with colour. Thirdly, you need to note that sexual offenders do not wear condoms. If you consider checking on the many reported cases of rape you will notice that all of them result in pregnancies which are a clear indication that the abuser never had any condom. You should be aware that condoms are necessary for any unplanned sex because it helps the prevention of so many diseases. Fourthly, you need to note that the damage of sexual abuse is more of mental than physical. That is because when this person is abused they will live with that thing for the rest of their lives.

You should note that the image of what happened is very clear and every time you meet the person who did that to you it becomes so difficult for you. Fifthly, you need to note that note all college sex is consensual. Most of the people say that they were not ready for sex and that calls for unplanned and unwanted sex. Most of the students in colleges most especially girls do not want to fail their partners and therefore end up engaging themselves in some sexual acts that they end up regretting. If you are a minor and you get to be touched in a way that is not pleasing then you should know that that person is abusing you. In conclusion, you should know that is not only girls or small children who get abused because anyone is a victim and therefore should take care of themselves.

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